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What is a Notary?

You may need to have an important legal or financial document notarized. Your new employer may ask you to find a local notary to assist with your I-9 form. Perhaps you're a business owner with a fast approaching deadline and need a document notarized after hours.

A Notary Public can assist with these circumstances and others that may emerge over the course of a lifetime.

Here are a few general facts about the role and responsibilities of a Notary Public.

  • A notary is considered to be a  public official whose authorities and duties are defined by the state they are commissioned in.
  • The key function of a notary is to verify that the person appearing before the notary is who that person claims to be. This is typically done by the document signer presenting an unexpired government issued photo ID such as a drivers license, state ID or passport.
  • The notary is an unbiased witness to the identity and signature of the person who comes before the notary for a specific purpose.
  • The person before the notary may be required to take an oath, give a testimony, or need to sign or acknowledge their signature on a legal document. The notary acts as an official, attesting that any required formalities have been completed.
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