Fee Guidelines

The following fee structure  allows my clients to generate an estimate of the cost of my services.  Prior to any appointment, I send an invoice/appointment confirmation that needs to be agreed upon in writing from both parties prior to my arrival.  I accept cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal upon completion of my services with the exception of loan signing appointments, which may have a different payment structure.

Notarization Fee
Be prepared to discuss the type of document and notarization needed over a phone call or email. If I am unclear as to what services I’ll be required to perform and charge for I may request the notarization page to be sent to me electronically for review prior to confirming an appointment.

$5*/Notarial Stamp

Mobile Services**

<2 miles

2 – 5 miles

6 – 10 miles

11 – 15 miles





Remote Notarization 

Remote Notarization Transaction Fee

$25*/electronic Notary Stamp 


Witness ID Verification***


USCIS I-9 Form

$20 minimum

Issuance of Oath

$20 minimum

Certified Copy

$5 minimum

Printing Services

$2 minimum

Electronic Document Return Services

$5 minimum

Courier Services

$5 minimum

Loan Signing Services
Includes appointment confirmation, electronic document retrieval, printing, review, loan signing appointment, scanback(s), courier service and electronic status updates.

$100 – $125 Average Cost

* Allowable Notarization fee per the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth

**Services include phone consultation and document review.  I will not review the content of the document.  I do review the required actions for the notarization which can include (but are not limited to) the completion of any empty fillable fields, witness determination and notarization requirements. 



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