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In Virginia, a notary may accept an ID that has been expired for no more than 5 years from the signing date from a signer residing in a healthcare facility.

The Notary may issue an oath or affirmation to two credible witnesses who:

  • Produce an unexpired government issued photo ID to the notary
  • Confirm they personally know the individual who’s signature is to be notarized
  • Are unaffected by the document or transaction

A signature by “X” may be acceptable if the signer meets all other notary criteria and produces two credible witnesses. The witnesses are verifying that they witnessed the individual make his or her mark on the document.

  • A witness should be over 18 years of age
  • Provide an unexpired government issued photo ID to the notary
  • No financial interest or connection with the notarized document

Neighbors, friends, and co-workers are commonly asked to act as a witness for such purposes.

Healthcare facility employees are typically prohibited from being a witness to a notarization. 

A certified copy is a duplicate of an original document that the notary has certified and verified as a true copy of the original document.  

No.  A Notary Public cannot notarize vital records (i.e. birth, marriage, death, divorce), photographs or a faxed/photocopied signature).

In Virginia a notary may refuse to notarize a document for any reason.

Your bank or municipal office may have employees that will notarize some documents for free.  There are many documents or notarial acts they may be prohibited from performing such as;  certification of copies, notarization of financial documents, the review and notarization of  loan packages and the issuance of an Oath.

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    Notary Nuggets of Knowledge…

    Virginia Notaries Public are notaries at-large.  They have the authority to perform in-person notarial acts anywhere within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Virginia Notaries Public may perform an in-person notarial act outside of the Commonwealth if the document is to be used in the Commonwealth of Virginia or is to be used by the United States government.

    Virginia Notaries Public may not sign as a witness on a document if the witnesses signature requires notarization.

    A Virginia Notary Signing Agent is prohibited from handling funds.


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